Home and School Partnership

GNC-2952What is our focus as a school in addition to academics?


We view each child as a unique individual with tremendous potential for enriching the lives of others.  In addition, we believe that education begins in the home, where the foundations of good citizenship and kindness are laid by the parents or guardians. GNCS seeks to partner with parents/guardians, helping to support, strengthen, and augment what each child receives at home. We also provide spiritual learning opportunities that inspire love of the Lord and love of other people, and which help our students become useful, happy, contributing members of the world around them.

 Ways to support your child’s education:


Providing and nurturing a spiritual atmosphere in their home.

Bringing God to mind through conversation, prayer, and other modes of connection with Him.

Supporting the school staff and administration in maintaining an atmosphere of sound moral and spiritual learning, character, and life.

Respecting school personnel, policies, and procedures, and encouraging their child to do the same.

Communicating directly with school personnel in a thoughtful, charitable manner at all times.

Helping to ensure that their child’s assigned homework is completed.

Attending and participating in classroom and whole-school events such as parent-teacher conferences, home and school meetings, school opening and closing ceremonies, etc.


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