Dress Code

The purpose of the Glenview New Church School Dress Code (Spirit Wear) is to promote an appearance that is neat and orderly. Clothes must be appropriately sized; neither too baggy or too tight.  Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to wear uniforms.



Polo/button-up/full turtleneck

Buttons all the way up to collar (polo button-up)

Solid color – navy, red, white, light blue

Should cover waistband w/ raised arms Buttoned to 3rd button from top

Collar worn down or buttoned

Undershirts: white, only show at collar

**One red shirt with logo required for school trips available at http://www.landsend.com.

Sweaters and Fleeces

Classic, simple, uniform-style navy, light blue, white or red

Cardigan, pullover or vest

Sweaters and Fleeces can have hoods, but they must not be worn up in school building


Pants and Shorts

Navy blue or khaki

Sit at or just below the waist w/ straight leg

Shorts: 4” from floor when kneeling

No cargo or pleated/pouch pockets

No embellishments, including extra pockets

No denim

Skirts, Skorts

Navy, GNCS plaid*

Length: 4” from floor when kneeling

Uniform-style buttons okay on skirts

No cargo or pleated/pouch pockets

Socks and Tights

Plain, cabled, ribbed

Solid black, navy, light blue, white or red

Must be visible above shoe, no logos

Footless tights and leggings must come to the ankle and be worn with matching socks that cover the bottom

Shoes, Jackets and Accessories

Students are required to wear black shoes with low heels (no colored laces or designs). Each student will be loaned a GNCS navy jacket for the school year that they can keep at the school, or purchase red GNCS jackets or fleece sweatshirts, available at the school office.

Hair color and accessories, scarves, jewelry, and make-up may be worn as long as they are not distracting or inappropriate.  If more clarity is needed, please contact the child’s homeroom teacher.

P.E. Dress Code (K-2)

Students are required to keep a pair of sneakers at school for P. E.

P.E. Dress Code (3rd through 8th Grades)

Students are required to wear appropriate fitting shirt, shorts and/or pants as well as a pair of sneakers at school for P.E. (This is obsolete during COVID-19)