Welcome from the Pastor

July 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting the Glenview New Church School website. I hope you will take your time to browse the site, and learn all about us. I believe the more you get to know us, the more you will appreciate us as an institution, our faculty, and our emphasis on Christian education. We are honored to have you consider the Glenview New Church School for your child.

We have been in continuous operation since 1894. How have we lasted so long in Glenview? The answer lies in the value parents have found in our philosophy and education. Here are some recent statements from parents about the benefit of sending their child to Glenview New Church School:

  • “As a parent, I appreciate the school’s emphasis on teaching morals in addition to general education.”
  • “I wanted a more well-rounded and holistic education for my child than I think public education can provide.”
  • “My child loves the wonderful sense of community with peers that exists in this school.”
  • “My child benefits from group-based participation and discussion in the classroom, and in all aspects of learning.”

We believe that when you bring a loving God, spiritual learning, and spiritual practices into a child’s education, he or she is enriched with a greater sense of well-being and purpose. These are consistent points of emphasis in our teaching. They are things that generations of parents have found to be of great benefit to their children.

I hope you will consider our school for your child. I invite you to come for a visit any time. Witness our program for yourself, and talk with our faculty!

Yours sincerely,

The Rev. Mark Pendleton, Pastor


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