GNCS STEAM Summer Camp 2018

Come join our GNCS teachers 3 days a week for a Christian STEAM summer camp full of great science topics, outdoor exploration, learning about different artists with age-appropriate crafts and lots of play! The summer camp also has a light religious theme that ties a Bible story into the weekly STEAM theme.  Your children will enjoy having snacks and lunch with their friends every day.  The summer camp will run for six weeks this summer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am – 1 pm. Children ages 3 years – 8 years old are invited to enroll at our summer camp.  In order to cover costs, we need to have a minimum of 7 students attend per week on average.  Please sign up ASAP to take advantage of the early bird price and to help us ensure we have met the minimum.

In addition, we are interested in providing a youth camp for ages 9 – 12 years old.  This youth camp needs a minimum of 4 students.

Register your child(ren) for the entire summer, or a minimum of 3 weeks.


$105/week early bird registration due by March 1st, 2017

$120/week regular registration due by April 13th, 2017


Register for at least 3 weeks:

Dates                           STEAM topic_____________

June 19-21st  (Ms. Kara) Science: Nature, bugs, birds and trees

June 26th – 28th  (Ms. Kara) Technology: satellites, my life in apps, trains

July 10th – 12th (Ms. Kara) Engineering: Building bridges, skyscrapers, rockets

July 17th – 19th (Ms. Kara) Art: DaVinci, Monet, Van Gogh

July 24 – 26th  (Ms. Kara) Math: In and around us, 3D shapes, patterns, graphs/charts

July 31st – Aug 2nd  (Ms. Kendra) Sensory Overload: Mud, muck, slime and goop.  Explore the crazy senses with us.


Request a registration for VIA EMAIL from

Fill out registration and emergency contact form.

You will receive an email confirming the dates your child is enrolled.

Payment for enrollment is due one week before attendance.



Drop off time is between 8:45– 9:00AM.

As parents drop off their child, they MUST:

Bring children into the school with a full change of clothes in a backpack, and lunch

Bring a sun hat and a water bottle

Take their child to the bathroom

Have their child wash their hands

Sign the child in with the teacher and leave a cell number



Your Children should be picked up at 1:00 pm

Parents must:

Come into the school.

Sign your child out.

If you arrive after 1:10 pm, you will be charged an additional $1/minute until your child is picked up.



Parents must send a lunch to camp with their child every day, snack will be provided.  Teachers request that lunches do not contain sugary treats.  Teachers will facilitate lunches and can provide refrigeration, dishes/napkins, microwaves, and water for drinks.





Payment is due one week before your child attends camp.

Payment can be made by check written to GNCS or over the phone by credit card to Judy Teel at 847-724-0057×26.  Request receipts from Judy if they are needed for your records.



Your child should wear comfortable play clothes that will not get ruined by playing outside and getting dirty