School Theme 2020-2021

misc 050Moving into the Light

The GNCS theme for this year is Moving into the Light. This is an exciting, inspiring, and motivating theme, in that it captures the idea of forward movement toward something that is positive, beneficial, hope-filled and promising. If you were in a completely darkened room, and the flame of a candle appeared at one end of the room, what would you do? You might instinctively move toward it.

Here at the GNCS, we see human learning and growth as being that way. As teachers, it is our hope and goal that the students be constantly learning new things that can enrich their lives. In this sense, we see every minute and every day of their lives as movement from relative darkness (not knowing) into the light (learning and growing).

But just as the flame of a candle has two main characteristics—light and also warmth—our goal for the students doesn’t stop at mere learning. It’s not about walking into the light and merely amassing new knowledge. Our larger aim is that what the students learn be combined with human warmth. This means taking their newfound knowledge, applying it to life and to relationships, and helping make the world a better place. Moving into the light means moving into better and better ways of meeting, relating to, interacting with, and serving others.

But still there is more! Here at the GNCS, when we think of forward movement into the light, we think not only of movement into knowledge and life practice, we also think of movement toward and into the source of that light; and that means movement toward and into the Lord our God. What else is the purpose of knowledge or truth than to define what a good life is, point us in the direction of it, and lead us to it? This means leading the students, not only to human warmth and goodness in life, but ultimately to a deepening sense of connection with the Lord, and a deepening sense of happiness and joy in Him.

So this year at GNCS aims to be one of forward movement—forward movement into new levels of knowledge and truth, forward movement into life and relationships, and forward movement into the Lord our God. We hope you will join us as we move “into the Light.”



Rev. Mark Pendleton, Pastor, Glenview New Church

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