School Theme

misc 050It is a teaching of the New Church that “all religion is of life and the life of religion is to do what is good.” The Glenview New Church School seeks to promote a good life in all facets of the educational experience. Students participate in daily morning chapel and religious classes that combine Biblical knowledge with spiritual principles. We reach beyond the mind to the hearts and lives of the students, to help them become intelligent, caring human beings.

One of the tools we use to focus our school on different elements of living a good life, is by choosing a theme for the school year.  This year’s theme is the 23rd Psalm with a focus on ‘the Lord is my shepherd’.  Each Tuesday we discuss a different aspect of this beautiful part of the Word of God with the students at chapel. From sheep and shepherds, to paths and valleys, this Psalm is an enriching source of guidance and support for students of elementary school age.

Psalm 23 contains visual images that portray confidence in the leading role of God in our lives. The theme assures us that if we stay close to our Lord, we will find refreshing, still waters of truth, and be guided to pastures of knowledge to nourish our minds. With the simplicity of a lamb following a shepherd, Psalm 23 contains an understanding of God as the source of all goodness and wisdom.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me..”

With the Lord as our shepherd, we have a model of resilience and a mentor of compassionate conduct. It is our hope that each student’s educational journey can be enriched this year by means of this timeless part of the Word.

If you have a child of elementary school age, we would be happy to tell you about our school and our faculty. Please refer to the contact information below.

Yours sincerely,MLK

Rev. Mark Pendleton, Pastor, Glenview New Church

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