Ways to Extend the Day


A grade school student’s day runs from 8 am – 2:45 pm. Parents have the option to extend their student’s day further with before care, after care and after school enrichment programs.

After School Enrichment (after 2:45 pm)

After-School Enrichment classes and activities are available and open to all boys and girls from preschool through 8th grade, and are not exclusive to students enrolled at GNCS.  Enrichment activities rotate between seasons and offerings are announced a few weeks before the programs begin. Some of the activities include felting, George’s Gymnastics, baking, science, crafts, wreath making, Spanish, frisbee, cartoon drawing and more.  For students who participate in both after school enrichment and aftercare, teachers and after care staff will transition students between the classrooms.

Our after school enrichment program changes each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) and has offered classes such as: etiquette, soccer, George’s Gym,  marimba, drawing, writing, quilting and felting.

Beforecare (As early as 7:45 am)

Our Beforecare program runs 5 days a week and starts as early as 7:45am. Rates available here.

Aftercare (between 2:45 – 5:30 pm, based on arrangements)

Aftercare is offered at the school in the aftercare classroom. Rates are negotiated with after care provider(s) and are paid hourly ($8/hr in 2021). Call the front office at 847-724-0057 to begin the process.







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